Murphy’s Radio

I’ve been listening to “Murphy’s radio for most of my life and so have the rest of you reading this, but you just never knew it. Just like Tarot cards, crystal ball’s tea leaves, scrying and any other method you have ever heard of to learn more about yourself or to make foggy things clearer. Yes that’s really what all of those things are. Occult is not a dirty word. It just means “secrets”.

You know Murphy’s Law right? If something can go wrong it will. In the extensive time I took to research this article I found that it is an Americanism dating back to the early 5’s named after Edward Murphy, Jr., an American aerospace engineer that worked on safety systems. Kinda cool, This is educational as well as insightful.

Another phrase I commonly use is “Don’t invoke Murphy!” Meaning. of course whatever you were about to say or usually have just said, might cause Murphy’s Law to happen. Pure superstition but it still makes me feel better to have made the attempt to ward of bad things from happening.

So if you are feeling lost and want some insight into what’s going on your life just listen to the radio. Switch the stations at random and listen to the lyrics of the songs that are playing and I can almost guarantee that you will gain a bit of clarity as to what is really going on right now. You see the problems we really have are not always the problems we think we’re dealing with.

Over the years I created my own Murphy’s radio treasure chest of tunes that meant something to me to gain some more poignant insights. Set things on shuffle and let it roll.

Having a rough night at work and the Bee Gee’s Tragedy started playing from my Youtube playlist. Logging out for the night ready to have some free time and Bob Seger singing Night Move’s started playing. This is my own personal theory I’ve been following for over half my life and have previously only shared with a few folks.

Thanks for reading!

Murphy's Law - Bealtaine Fire