Scary and Damaged

So What did you do with your life today?

I know this is MY website and thus I can do anything with it that I choose. I’ve avoided personal entries because my personal life can be so far off the normalcy meter as to be down right strange. I also tend to ramble a lot.

Today however was pretty tame….

It’s a Rhianna week (yay!) which means I get my wonderous 5 year old daughter for the week. I didn’t want to be a dad, but she is the light of my life now. I miss her brother terribly as he is my first born, even if he did not come from my body. She had three cavities filled yesterday in her baby teeth and she got her first pair of glasses.

We start our days at 6am to leave the house by 7:10 and drive to Lexington so she can get to school by 8am. I get up, wake her up, pick out clothes, feed the animals (our dog, ferrets, turtle, and guinea pig), get in the shower, feed Rhi and hustle us out the door. Whee…. Love the Z103 morning show!

Spent some time at my folks installing a wireless card in Rhi & Keaton’s iMac there. Saw two clients, worked on

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