2019 – A New Beginning

I don’t post here very often and need to start blogging more frequently. The purpose of this blog is to have a place to have a more personal conversation with the internet-verse.

I’ve now been unemployed since July of 2017, doing a number of short term-temporary and freelance jobs while looking for something long term and more permanent. It’s been a frustrating time period. I’m either over-qualified or feel like an anachronism. I’m a fifty year old computer tech that is a jack of all trades but specialize in none. I’m an excellent diagnostician, pretty good at computer forensics, and can repair or find the answer to just about any computer or software problem quickly. I can edit code in about a dozen languages but none of them really well. I’ve run miles of network wiring and built both large and small network setups.

Why is this so hard?

So I’m going to give this internet thing a try and see what I can do on my own. Stay tuned for more updates soon.