Changing Times — I GOT A JOB!!

Eyup it finally happened after 7 years I got a job. I am the new Technology Coordinator for the College of Design at the University of Kentucky. I kind of tripped my way into this one and from submitting my resume online to starting was only 8 days. So far (3 days in) I love it and fully expect to be here for a long time to come.

What does this mean to you? Well it means my hours of availability change dramatically and there are some jobs I will have to turn down. I will continue to do Macintosh and PC Service work evenings and weekends and can still take pickup and drop off repairs. I still do not know what the status of my office at Jordan-Chiles Advertising is or will be yet. I’ll post here as soon as I do know. Most probably i will be moving all of my equipment and parts to another site but will still be supporting them and possibly using them for a pickup and drop site.

Basically it was nice pay, benefits, retirement pakage, great people to work for, free classes, and a return to the campus atmosphere.

please contact me at 859-971-2775 or for any questions, suggestions, help, or if you just want to say hello!

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