It’s Monday….

I hate Mondays.  There is always too much to do, too many things happen.  Its almost not worth having a weekend off.

Started the day with a simple filling that became a root canal on a tooth with two roots.  Ouch!

Doped up on Ibuprofen I went to work for several hours and while I accomplished a few things, nothing was on my list and had 4 days of work added to said list.

Left early, had to abandon daughter to Lexington as I went to georgetown after her brother and rest.  Walked into very clean glass door before leaving work.  Ouch.

Tooth hurts, face hurts.  More painkillers.  Drive home, Phone calls, email, no rest.

My youngest told me his day was one way, when it was really another.  Punishment and chores and homework.

Dishes, Laundry,  story time, telephone lullaby from big sister.  Still no rest

Where’s my wife?  Oh yeah, working late every day for 3 weeks training..miss her.

Find out Eldest son is in some kind of trouble.  No details. Worried.

Ready to drink? Oh, right painkillers.  Face hurts. No go.

Wife came home.  Yay!  Love her!  Got a hug and she went off to work out.  Alone again.

This is the general outline of my day.  I’ve left out much and kept the details at a minimum, but worst Monday in a long while.

Tomorrow is another day starting too early.  It has to get better right? right?

And the phrase I go back to over an over again on such occasions:  “Somebody else has it worse than you.  Somebody else cleans the toilets at Taco Bell.”