Checking out Facebook linking Plug-ins

I have been working on integrating Facebook and my WordPress sites together so that posts made on my websites automatically post to Facebook (pretty easy) and Facebook Posts get sent to my website ( not very easy).  I found two that seem to want to do what I want them to.

Ultimate Facebook

If there’s a Facebook feature you want to incorporate into your site, Ultimate Facebook is guaranteed to do it:

  • Login with Facebook – Allow – or force – users to register and login with their Facebook details
  • User Profiles – Automatically fill in fields in user profiles when they register
  • Autopost – Make it simple to post new content (including custom post types) to user’s walls, fan pages, events or notes
  • Import Previous Posts – Publish old posts in editor mode
  • Comments – Import comments made on Facebook into your WordPress site
  • Like and Send Buttons – Add buttons with every customization option imaginable – place on posts, pages, custom post types, or with available shortcodes
  • OpenGraph – Have complete control over the thumbnail image posted to Facebook when users like or send, of when you autopost
  • Fan Page Widgets – Like box, Facepile and recommendations with complete customization options
  • Shortcodes – Integrate events, albums, login information and like buttons into your site


Custom Facebook Feed (Pro)

The Custom Facebook Feed allows you to display a completely customizable, responsive, and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook page or group feed on your own website. No more ugly iframes! Super simple to set up and tons of customization options to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

  • Display statuses, photos, videos, events,links, albums and offers from your Facebook page or group
  • Choose which post types are displayed.Only want to show photos, videos or events? No problem.
  • Display multiple feeds from different Facebook pages on the same page or throughout your site – display feeds from different Facebook pages, define different post types, layouts and styling for each. Want to show only photos from one Facebook page and events from another? No problem.
  • Show likes, shares and comments for each post
  • Display full-size photos in beautiful, high-resolution.
  • Automatically embeds YouTube and Vimeovideos right in your feed
  • Show event information – such as the name, time/date, location, link to a map, description and a link to buy tickets
  • Display a grid of your Facebook albumschoosing from between 1 to 4 columns.
  • Filter posts by string or #hashtag. Only show posts which contain certain text or hashtags.
  • Post caching means that your feed loads lightning fast. Choose to check for new posts every few seconds, minutes, hours or days.(WordPress Plugin only)
  • Responsive layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Search engine accessible. Other Facebook plugins use iframes which prevents the content from being crawled by search engines. The Custom Facebook Feed embeds the content directly into your web page.
  • A growing library of Extensions

Both of these are PAID PREMIUM plugins.

I had issues with Custom Facebook Feed.  It would not display my linked images and videos properly, and it wouldn’t show the full text of the posts showing an annoying “SeeMore|See Less” Option.  It was VERY simple to setup and has lots of configuration options.  I need to get ahold of their technical support to see if this is something that broke with the WordPress 4.1 Release or if it has a different solution.

Stay tuned in the comments section for my final review.

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